Top 5 most common garage door problems

As we all know, automatic garage doors are known for their practicality. Nobody likes getting out of the car to open the garage, right?. Fort Lauderdale Electrical Repair services are so convenient for today’s families then that have a problem with their doors.

Here are the top 5 most common garage door problems. Let’s see if you can identify what’s going on with your garage door and try to fix it.

There are many common problems with automatic garage doors.

Before starting with problems and teaching you how to repair them, we want to recommend finding the experts of Fort Lauderdale Electrical Repair if you think a garage door problem goes beyond your abilities. 

Garage doors have a reputation for being reliable. As the years pass, companies create more durable and high-quality products. But, garage doors can be affected by weather conditions and continual use. So it is not strange that most common breakdowns occur in automatic garage doors.

There are many reasons why your garage door may not work. However, it is often difficult to find the problem at first sight. According to Fort Lauderdale Electrical Repair experts, let’s now see the most common problems with automatic garage doors.  

The garage door isn’t opening

It is one of the most frequent faults, and we can tell you that there are two main reasons: 

The control that opens the door is malfunctioning

 It may be obvious, but it is often the case that the control has run low on batteries. It is important to check that the control is powered on and charged. If the control does not work, it could be damaged. 

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The Signal receiver is not working.

It could also happen!  Maybe your garage door opener is not receiving the signal. Only an experienced Lauderdale Electrical Repair expert can do this type of repair. But it’s possible that it’s not broken and that interference prevents the waves from reaching. 

Now, you can use The input button in the box to confirm that interference is the problem. But, make sure the motor’s electric board is switched on. Before checking that the motor is powered on, disconnect any accessories.

The electronic board isn’t working.

Bad connections or loose wires could also be to blame. Motor vibrations can also cause this kind of failure. So check that the wires are all connected. But cut the power before connecting. 

The Safety Release Latch on Your Garage Door May Be Jammed

This problem is common in large garages with a very wide driveway and several people using the garage at one time. Occasionally, the safety latch may become stuck.

The way to fix it is to remove the garage door opener, insert a screwdriver into the safety release lever (just like you’re supposed to do), and pry it out gently while lifting the door. 

Next, remove the screwdriver and insert a small pry bar or screwdriver into the door track to help you push the safety release lever out of its track. Once you’ve finished removing the safety release, mount your garage door opener back onto your garage door and carefully reassemble everything from there.

It is not opening From The Outside.

You may need to adjust the swing of your system. For example, your door may be leaning to one side because of an unstable foundation or heavy winds blowing on that side.

The hinge on the swing arm may need to be adjusted. You should mark them between the socket and the arm. It will indicate how far out of position your door is.

Your Opener’s Motor May Be Worn Out

If this happens, you will notice that your garage door opener will make loud noises and won’t close instantly, or it just won’t open at all. The best solution for this problem is to install a new garage door opener motor. The job isn’t too hard, but it is better to call Fort Lauderdale Electrical Repair professionals. 

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The garage door makes a strange noise.

Sometimes we do not pay attention to the maintenance of the automatic door, and we do not take the trouble to lubricate its mechanisms. It can be translated into noisy and dearly beloved movable parts.

Knocking or rattling can also occur if any of the gears have been displaced from the place where they should be.

Your installation technician may have explained to you how to grease the parts. In this case, you can try to do it; to see if the noises stop but otherwise, you should not touch anything to aggravate the problem. The best solution will be to call a professional.

Final repairing advice

To sum up, If you have a garage door that is giving you trouble, then don’t panic. You can get rid of your garage door problems with the simple solutions above. 

If you find the motor is making a loud noise or if you see your door opening and closing differently than normal, there might be an issue with your garage door opener. 

There are several things you can do to solve this problem by yourself. For instance, loosen the screw on the belt tensioner on the side of the motor and adjust it so there’s a small amount of slack in it. It will loosen up any resistance from the spring or cable that could be causing some of those noise issues.

 If that doesn’t work for you, try replacing your rollers as they could also be causing some of those noisy problems and make your door move slower than usual. If none of those steps work for you, it may be time to contact an expert. 

Now, when repairing your garage door, you should always keep a certain order to disassemble and reassemble it.

Try to write down everything to ensure you do not forget the steps you have been following. Also, keep the small parts in a closed container to avoid losing any. 

Take the opportunity to lubricate the parts to get a much smoother bearing. Before starting, remember to check the maneuver times set and the limit switches.

It’s normal that sometimes, your garage door can have some breakdowns. Please do not panic! Sometimes, things need maintenance… remember that continuous usage can wear down the spear—some components. So the best thing to do is to call the professionals. Remember that preventive maintenance can save you a lot of money! 


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