The Importance of automatic Garage Door Service in the Fort Lauderdale area

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A local Fort Lauderdale Garage Door Service will extend your garage door lifespan. We care about keeping them safe at all times. This makes us realize that something makes a difference for you: protection. We want to have all our belongings safe. That is why most of us invest in installing automatic garage doors. Beyond protection, we like comfort. The truth is that nowadays, we find it very hard to imagine having to open our garage door manually. 

The importance of Fort Lauderdale automatic Garage Door Service has increased due to the need of having more safe houses.

Benefits of Fort Lauderdale Garage Door Service

Automatic garage doors have many benefits, apart from being more convenient and comfortable. In terms of aesthetics, they vary a lot. There are different styles, designs, and materials to use. For investment, The cost will be different depending on the model of the garage door motor. It also depends on the type of lock, the material and the degree of independence, and the possible alternatives or extra elements (security cameras, for example).

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Things you need to keep in mind

An automatic door, regardless of the brand, the manufacturer, or the installer, will experience damage and deterioration over time. In this sense, you will need to repair it. In the same way, a tune-up and perfect preventive maintenance will make the life of your garage door last longer. Or, in another case, you won’t have major problems. Remember that it is best to call the specialists at Fort Lauderdale Garage Door Service.

Maintenance and Repairs 

When you do maintenance on your automatic garage doors, extend the life of your automatic garage door. In other words,  maintenance and repairs are the two elementary actions to prevent damage over time. 

Not all doors are the same

Let’s see, a global truth is that all automatic doors require assistance, but not all are the same. So the repair or maintenance procedure will depend on the type of door and its components.  

If we talk about maintenance, preventive attention must have a suitable frequency depending on the conditions and the use of the door.  The higher the traffic, the more intense the maintenance should be, and of course, the shorter the time between inspections. 

Fort Lauderdale Garage Door Service specialists will accurately account for periodic maintenance services. The periodicity of the visits will depend, as we mentioned, on the usage and the model of garage door you have.

We are specialists

It is just as important to check that maintenance is the responsibility of a serious and responsible company. The company must have a professional team ready to deal with and solve these devices’ failures. 

It means that the team should be updated for many door models and brands of the most important manufacturers. Keeping up to date with updates will give the company extra preparation and experience when dealing with a breakdown. Our Fort Lauderdale Garage Door Service can help you. Get an estimate here!

The garage doors specialists must ensure quality service, warranty, and full security. In addition, the technician must make sure that each component is in good mechanical working order.  It is also important that he examines each part of the door, including, of course, the safe operation of the same.  For all this to be fulfilled, as we mentioned, you must hire specialists in the field. 

Depending on the kind of door it is, do not forget that your door must have all the special safety precautions to avoid shocks, shearing, dragging, cutting, or trapping. However, in an incident, the systems must be up to date to ensure the customer’s protection.

Keep your garage door up to date

There are some maintenance actions you can do yourself to keep your door in good working order: 

Avoid dirt

 You can check and remove leaves and trash around your garage door. It’s normal for leftover grease and dust to clump. This will stain the door and damage the devices that move the door. 


Contact Fort Lauderdale Garage Door Service for all the necessary recommendations.

Grease the door

Liquid or spray grease administered every two months is necessary to keep the door properly. The technician will be able to advise the exact amount to bring the benefits of this act without any inconvenience. Be cautious because applying too much grease can be counterproductive. You must maintain a balance between lack of grease and overdoing it. 

Watch out for humidity

Make sure there are no areas where water can enter the motor. As Temperature changes and time passes, motors and joints can be damaged. The control panels and photocells can also be damaged. So, regularly check all electrical circuits and verify no cracks or fissures. If there are, check if you can seal them with silicone or a special sealant.

Inspect and replace rollers

Rollers, it doesn’t matter material  (steel or nylon), should be checked at least twice a year. Please,  replace them every seven years. Remember that garage doors are used many times a day.

We have a variety of garage door services for you

It’s not just door fabrication and installation. There’s a great sense of responsibility and service. Maintenance services aim to provide homeowners with total security and confidence for years to come.

The service technicians are familiar with all models and brands of doors on the market. With maintenance, the doors are kept running safely and smoothly.

However, when you hire a team to do repairs and preventive maintenance, remember to call the professionals. Don’t worry. A serious and responsible Fort Lauderdale Garage Door Service will offer excellent quality materials without exceeding your budget.

A thorough examination of the garage door and tune-up are the best ways to ensure that we get the longest life out of the door and its components. With too much wear and tear or improper maintenance, garage doors can lock or fall on people or cars. This can cause serious damage, and you should prevent it.

When it comes to garage door specialists, the experts at Fort Lauderdale Garage Door Service have it all. 

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