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The garage door can be a complicated part of your home, making it necessary to ask many questions when you need to maintain or fix it. You always have a Commercial door repair Miami FL company near you to help you with any type of doubt. We all have questions about our garage doors; some of those questions are the same ones everyone has. 

This blog will look at the most common garage door questions and try to answer them. This will help you better understand your garage door and how it works.

What are the garage door types?

Commercial garage doors: Commercial garage doors are special doors that are longer and heavier; these doors are made from materials like steel. Commercial garage doors are made with higher quality material and are constructed to endure heavier traffic.

The materials used are also of a higher grade and can withstand extreme weather conditions. One of the most common things about Commercial door repairs in Miami, FL, is that they are much larger than residential ones. 

Residential garage doors: Garage doors are the first things you see when entering a home, and residential ones are the one element that completes a house look. Both front and back doors are vital parts of the house and a home’s design.

They are very important and should always be kept in good condition by using the best garage door services. Knowing the difference between a residential garage door and a commercial garage door can help you make an informed decision on what to buy and can help you save money.

Can you replace a garage door by yourself?

There are many reasons you might consider replacing your old garage door; however, if you are considering replacing your garage door, this may not be a good idea. Replacing garage doors needs a lot of experience and security protocols. Plus, you will need special tools to uninstall the old garage door. 

This is why you always need to call an expert and avoid risks like this. Dimark has a residential and commercial garage door service that will replace your garage door in just minutes. You don’t have to do the hard work when the experts are near you.

What are garage door services prices?

There are many different garage door services; you can find garage door replacement, repair, check, and emergency services. These services have a wide range of prices, ranging from a couple of hundreds to thousands of dollars, but if you need to make simple repairs on your garage door, they won’t be so expensive. 

You can check hourly service prices here and get more information by calling us. Get an estimate quickly and talk to a professional garage door technician. Our company is here to help you by providing quality and affordable services!

What is the average garage door lifespan?

One of the most common questions that people have about garage doors is what their lifespan is. The lifespan of your garage doors will depend on several factors. For example, your garage doors need to be made differently if you live in a colder climate. If you live in a hotter climate, you will need a different material (like steel) than in a colder climate. 

But, generally, a garage door should have a 30-year life span when you check it regularly. This life span can be longer when a garage door is serviced and maintained properly. This is why Commercial door repair Miami FL services are so important to keep your door working daily.

Can I install a new garage door with the old opener?

Yes, if you are replacing your old garage door or are looking for one, you can still use the same opener.; but, you must ensure that the garage doors are compatible with the door opener. For example, you can’t use a commercial garage door with a residential door opener. You need to make sure that the motor suits the door, so it suctions perfectly.

Are you thinking of getting a modern garage door? Well, you can find amazing models on our website! We have amazing models that will give your home or business a new look. Get that rustic look to your home, or improve your business security with a new garage door. 

Where can I find custom-made garage doors?

You may start to look for new garage door models but can’t find what you need. Then, you may think, what if I look for a custom-made garage door? Well, we can help you with that! 

Our company has a variety of garage doors, and we can create the one you need. Change the color, pick your favorite design and get that garage door that your house or business was missing. 

We can also help you improve your garage doors. For example, many people don’t know they can improve their doors to be stronger. Many common garage doors can’t resist hurricane winds and rain, but we can help you customize your garage doors to be more secure and reliable during a hurricane.

You can contact us or look at our garage door section to get more information about our garage door models and styles.

How often should I service my garage door?

Many people don’t give their garage doors the attention that it needs. A garage door is an important element of many houses and businesses. Service of your garage doors should always be a priority since it will extend their lifespan and prevent future damages. 

It doesn’t matter the type of garage door you have, you should always check them to see if they need to be repaired or serviced. Maintaining your garage doors in great condition can keep them working as you need.

It doesn’t matter the type of garage door you have; you need to service them every couple of months. If you check your garage doors every four months, you will see how many common problems will be avoided. 

Our Commercial door repair Miami FL service is available to check and maintain your garage doors working no matter what!

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